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31 Minutes of Too Much Convenience | Netflix Is A Joke

Jim Gaffigan, Chaunté Wayans, Ronny Chieng, Nicole Byer, Sebastian Maniscalco, Bill Burr, DeRay Davis, Josh Johnson, and Brian Simpson share their hot takes about having too much convenience in today’s society.

0:05 – Ronny Chieng
1:39 – Jim Gaffigan
2:49 – Nicole Byer
4:41 – Chaunté Wayans
5:33 – Ronny Chieng
8:43 – Bill Burr
10:31 – Deray Davis
12:49 – Sebastian Maniscalco
14:27 – Sebastian Maniscalco
17:08 – Brian Simpson
20:27 – Josh Johnson
21:49 – Bill Burr

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  1. the first comedian is hot 🔥 lol

  2. Store to mouth delivery…

    The next stage in the evolution of convenience.

    Eventually, sexbot chef nannies…

    (with add ons like tentacle dicks, so both mom and dad can eat and play without getting up while getting off.)

  3. Wolverines crap on the leftover carcass they can't consume so no other predators will snatch a bite…

    The dad that cut off the teddy bear's head must be their uncle.

  4. Bill Burr nailed the whimper of humanity, no nang, just a fade to black and a few for the zoo.

  5. How many sci-fi movies you got to see to not know where this is going 😆 😆 😆

  6. My favourite bridge was amazing 👏 killed me hilarious 😂

  7. “Are you Gagik?” Lmaooo🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲

  8. I died at Maniscalco sawing a couch in half. The follow up with the teddy bear not so much cuz the surprise was gone. Good bit.

  9. I scrolled to the bill burr parts 😂😂

  10. And who creates all the trash and the stuff?? Ohhhh that's right China😀 you should be lucky that we buy all your s*** otherwise your country wouldn't exist

  11. I had never listened to Bill Burr until this last year. I was missing out.

  12. Bill Burr just thrashed disability, homeless, Stephen Hawking (!) And still be cool with his lovely smile,wit and gaeity ❤️ absolutely love the fact that the stuff he talks is probable

  13. That transition at 4:50, brilliant

  14. Ronny straight up was murdering.

  15. My family 😥😂😂😥

  16. bill f’n burr man!!! 😂 😂 😆

  17. I hope no Robots were offended by this

  18. Bill Burr nailed it.. best of the best

  19. Bill Burr is the only man to ever be on par with George Carlin in terms of hilarity and how right and smart their comedy is

  20. What do you get when an Asian, a white dude and a black person walk into a bar? This Netflix video. I like how they hit all the racial and ethnic boxes. Almost.

  21. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣How did Joe die

  22. Bill burr is a comedic genius. Had me in stitches and tears with the sex robots lmao

  23. For 600 dollars a baby gorilla can be dropped off at your house for 24 hours.

  24. "and I'm just on a table at my make a wish fundraiser…" That is some all highed up shit, hilarious!

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