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A Jazzman’s Blues | Official Trailer | Netflix

A sweeping tale of forbidden love, A JAZZMAN’S BLUES unspools forty years of secrets and lies soundtracked by juke joint blues in the deep South. Written, directed and produced by Academy Award honoree Tyler Perry, the film stars Joshua Boone and Solea Pfeiffer as star-crossed lovers Bayou and Leanne alongside an ensemble cast that includes Amirah Vann, Austin Scott, Milauna Jemai Jackson, Brent Antonello, Brad Benedict, Kario Marcel, Lana Young and Ryan Eggold. The film features an original song performed by Ruth B., songs arranged and produced by multi-Grammy winner & two-time Academy Award nominee Terence Blanchard, music by Aaron Zigman and choreography by Debbie Allen.

Watch A Jazzman’s Blues on Netflix September 23, 2022.

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A Jazzman’s Blues | Official Trailer | Netflix

Tyler Perry’s tale of forbidden love and family drama unravels 40 years of secrets and lies against a soundtrack of juke joint blues in the Deep South.


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  1. Listen Christ's blood, his death on the cross, releases us from the guilt of sin, accepting us as righteous in God's sight Colossians1:20 The cross shows the seriousness of our sin, it also shows God's immeasurable love. There's hope and salvation to all who put their trust in Jesus. Please think about it.

  2. OK, my "mixed-dar" is going off and I can tell in the 1st few seconds both the mama and the daughter are Black (ish). Half Black mother, part Black daughter, wanting her to pass for white? Okay, Tyler Perry, I see shades of Oscar Micheaux (look him up, he was a pioneering Black filmmaker who often explored themes of color, miscegenation & 'passing' for white within the Black community.) It's kind of an unoriginal trope to explore in 2022 but maybe Perry has found fresh ways to explore it. One thing is for sure though, I'm part black/part white myself and I could spot both the mama and daughter, especially the mama, two miles off. Are they REALLY supposed to be 'passing' back then?

  3. I see the 1st thing the mixed lady did is straighten those curls that tell a STORY. This is gonna be JUICY.

  4. It's the music and the singer for me

  5. Damnit I was all about it until I found out Tyler Perry made it. He doesn’t know how to stay on topic and always get sidetracked with his story/message.

  6. I guess Perry is tired of writing about the single, multiple baby daddies, angry black women ….🤣🤣🤣🤣….now he is writing about the sick obsession BM has towards WM.

  7. You would not think this is a Tyler perry movie at all it looks so good

  8. This is literally the notebook with a splash of jazz & black people lol. The lack of originality these days is out of pocket at this point 😫

  9. THIS, Mila Kunis’s film, Korea’s Little Women … Netflix is on fireeee 🔥

  10. Is this a Ruth b song?!

  11. This looks good. I'll be watching

  12. Giving me the Notebook vibes….

  13. Hooray! Another tale of a Black man pining over a white woman…a figure who has been equally instrumental in the brutalization and killing of Black men (and Black people overall). This is what we need to visualize right now. heavy sarcasm

  14. “Siri, set a reminder for September 23rd, A Jazzman’s Blues on Netflix”

  15. Josh Boone! Glad to see him continuing to grow in his career. I knew him when he was a counselor at a youth leadership conference.

  16. I wish the few black directors in the community. Would stop making movies about slaves, gang bangers, and bm falling in love with white women. It’s so typical and tired. Everyone already knows the outcome of this movie ….

  17. This is it Tyler Perry! Get Ready for apologies, offers, new relationships, honor, and what you've always deserved: RESPECT

  18. I would love to see this movie😄

  19. “How can I do that, when my heart only beats for you.” Aw I love that! 🔥🔥❤️❤️

  20. Hope this doesn’t disappoint, we know how TP loves to make his dark skinned characters suffer and his light skinned characters triumph.

  21. I'm just going to continue to skip these types of films and let those that seek it enjoy it. Not saying it's bad flick, but I've been "black men (romantically) in love with light/white women" to the point of being mentally troubled by it. Be it commercial advertising, song lyrics, the movie industry. Everytime I see the perpetuation of the scenario it gives more credibility to the "Birth of A Nation" depiction of black men being obsessed with white women.

    Anyway, It looks like a lovely movie with a great cast. I'm just tired of the disregarding of black women (and especially younger girls) dealing with this type of mental welfare. To constantly have this imagery (storyline) thrown in your face as a black woman is just another stone to carry.

  22. This looks like a notebook knockoff but the cinematography looks beautiful

  23. The trailer is almost perfect. Wow.

  24. Yeah he went outside his box on this one.

  25. 🌺♥️True love cannot hide♥️🌺

    I’ve missed you everyday Jonathan 🌺

  26. Black version of the notebook, love it ❤️

  27. Finally! This has been in the works for years now.

  28. Noooo, this looks like a cry fest😭 I can’t do it. Okay. I’ll do it.

  29. This actually looks good! I'm not usually a Tyler Perry fan, but I'll be tuned in for this one!!!

  30. It looks fine but… it's Tyler Perry… I'll wait for key reviews. I have yet to like one Tyler Perry movie.

  31. I want to watch it, but I feel like it's going to end terribly🥺.

  32. Ok, I saw it…. that will be all…good movie…moving along now

  33. I love it 💘💘💘💘 true love will wait just be patient love has no color 💖💖💖💖

  34. Looks like he finally put a little money in this one. Just a little tho

  35. Alright Mr. Perry! It looks like you have rediscovered your passion for telling a great story! I am looking forward to this film.

  36. The black version of the Notebook lol 😂😂

  37. after 10 seconds I thought the Notebook but I'm looking forward to the original music ☺️

  38. That actress is gorgeous.😮‍💨😮‍💨

  39. You know why this is going to be good, because nothing about this Trailer screams Tyler Perry but it is, showing his Range in Film✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

  40. I'm so tired of the light skin dark skin couple type of movies. No hate to these actors or anything but come on everytime there's a love story a dark skin woman isn't the love interest.

  41. I’m MOST definitely watching that ! For sure !!

  42. Hmm I wonder why so many downvotes? Im sure there's a perfectly logical reason

  43. It looks good but also not very appealing to me because BM demean and talk 'ish' about their own women- the BW- while proclaiming their "love" for Becky. Other races of men don't demean their own women even if they date outside of their race that's why a BM/Any other of women Romantic Films don't appeal to me- because it's a poor representation of reality. The reality is that BM, although not all, collectively disrespect and demean their own women.

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