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A Trip to Infinity | Official Trailer | Netflix

Eminent mathematicians, particle physicists and cosmologists dive into infinity and its mind-bending implications for the universe.

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About Netflix:
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A Trip to Infinity | Official Trailer | Netflix


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  1. why i got the LOKI Vibe here ?

  2. Infinity is everywhere…..My Jujutsu brings it into reality.
    -Gojo Satoru

  3. I will give it a watch ., got to be better than House of Dragons or that Lord of the rings tv shit .

  4. The human brain can not comprehend infinity so isn’t this show kind of pointless, it doesn’t matter how you try and explain it our prehistoric brains simply and process infinity. The closest we’ll get to comprehending infinity is imagining an infinite ocean.

  5. at 1:29 I swear that’s Badger from Breaking Bad

  6. “ to infinity, and beyond?”

  7. A man who knew infinity -Ramanujan

  8. Reads the video's title
    "Stop right there, I am in" 😅

  9. Infinity is everything present in the universe. Add all the particles, atoms , stars , planets , vaccum, plasma, heat , reactions, chemicals whatsoever that exists in universe. Once we add all of these things we get the infinity. I think so😏

  10. Alternate title : "Show to watch while on psychedelics"

  11. Looks stupid. The universe is infinite, or it’s s not. It’s wild to think about but I don’t need to listen to someone talk about it for 2 hours.

  12. Probably to watch after my brownies 🫠

  13. Quick answer;

    No. Infinity doesn't last forever.

  14. Wtf is this,this is shit

  15. Ah, something to watch when I am stoned lol

  16. oh cool, a show about my biggest phobia. the scariest horror movie ever. i can’t wait.

  17. To infinity and beyond

  18. We're literally 'living' infinity. I believe infinity is manifested in our souls. No, not 'reincarnation' exactly. But something similar. Very, very similar.

  19. Weirdly I'm actually interested in watching this…. For once not being an action movie🥲

  20. Are they actually making an epic movie about calculus?

  21. That last question 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  22. The man who knew infinity :-Ramanujan sir

  23. The moment you find infinity, it becomes finite because there's an end. Anything that has an end cannot be infinite. So, you can't really find infinity. I feel it is a quantitative measure that we have created for the things we cannot fathom the end of.

  24. Searching for infinity. If they find it it's not infinite.

  25. Infinity comes into picture because we humans have created a conception of measurements otherwise without maths or measurements it wouldn't have been here

  26. Infinity is the independent interpretation of oxygen and the universe by individuals, no individual can teach another individual about infinity, because infinity is a personal interpretation of the equality of a things. Motivated by a need to be perfect, Europeans try to control personal interpretations of infinity, which they cannot do.

  27. infinity is as big as your mind wants it to be. period. dot dot dot…

  28. this show is going to be 60 minutes of filler. ramblings about infinity

  29. guess the title ‘to infinity and beyond’ was already trademarked

  30. i've got another Subscriber on my YouTube channel!🤯 Subscribers count- 589!❤️ I'm so happy!😭

  31. Infinity has NEVER been proven. The end.

  32. There's a YouTube video (vsauce?) that already talked about infinity and beyond

  33. This remember me for one hand Flatland and for another “El Aleph” of Jorge Luis Borges 🤩

  34. I wish at least someone should have said To Infinity and beyond

  35. I am def-infinitely excited for this one! Good job Netflix!

  36. Classic frogs in a well speculating about the ocean. Based on this trailer – they are still quite clueless. Not one mention of God, and I don't mean Jesus.

  37. For me, love is infinite ❤

  38. Infinity is a man-made delusional concept.

  39. "To Infinity and your mom"

    – Toy Story 4

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