About Us – Vilayatimall

Vilayatimall.com is a one-stop solution for college and course selection simple for students who wish to take undergrad (UG) as well as postgraduate (PG) courses in India and around the world; it is also accessible to students traveling on the go through the mobile version of the site. Launched in 2021,


Students can enjoy a personalized experience on our site depending on their educational background and interest in careers, enabling them to make informed decision about college and courses. The ability to make decisions is enhanced by easy access to thorough information about career choices including courses, tests and colleges, admissions criteria such as the eligibility criteria, fees, statistics and rankings, reviews and updates on scholarships, and more. It also allows engaging with others Vilayatimall.com users and experts, as well as students at colleges, and alumni associations. We have launched a variety of tools and products geared towards students such as Career Central, Common Application Form, Top Colleges, College Compare, Alumni Employment Stats, Campus Connect, College Reviews, College Predictors, MyShortlist and Vilayatimall Cafe.

Our active Ask and Answer community, dubbed Vilayatimall Cafe includes more than 1000 experts who can answer your questions about college and career related to. Students are able to post questions, join in discussions and stay up to date with the latest news and articles about their interests in education. Vilayatimall.com is India’s most sophisticated college portal that blends the knowledge of higher education domain experts and technology with innovation and reliability to provide students with personalised information to make educated decisions about their college, career, and course decision-making.