What is an Appraisal?

An appraisal is an expert’s estimation of the worth for “something.” Within the context of finance and business, the term “something” is usually an asset (or an asset group).

The types of assets that may be appraised include, but aren’t restricted to:

  • Real property (both residential and commercial)
  • Equipment (including vehicles)
  • Inventory (exceptional, final items – in contrast to raw materials or commodities)
  • A private company (or an array of private companies)
  • Rare or unique items (such as antiques, fine art, and jewelry)

An appraisal is performed by an appraiser. The appraiser is the professional who gives an estimate of the value, according to their expertise and education. The valuation estimate, together with the supporting documentation, are part of what is commonly called the appraisal report.

Types of Appraisals

Home Appraisals

A home appraisal is essential in the process of purchasing or selling a house or refinancing of an old mortgage. Refinance happens when a mortgage or loan is updated and revalued according to the current interest rates and new terms.

A home appraisal evaluates its value to ensure that it is in line with the property’s condition, location, age, and bathrooms. Additionally, appraisals can aid lenders and banks in avoiding giving more amount to the borrower than the property is worth.

In the event of default, i.e. when the borrower isn’t able to make payments anymore, the lender utilizes the appraisal as a estimation of the value of the house. Suppose the property has been declared in foreclosure, in which case the bank acquires possession of the home. In that case, the property must be sold to allow the lender to recover any losses that resulted from an mortgage.

It is important to keep in mind that when a lender lends a mortgage, they give all the value of the house to the seller on the day that it sells. That is, the lender is able to take the cash and, in exchange, it promises to repay, along with interest, to the lender. In the end, an appraisal is essential to the lending process as it allows the bank to avoid loss and safeguard itself from making loans that are more than what it would be able to recuperate if the borrower falls behind.

Collectibles or Antiques

Professional appraisals are available for various items, such as antiques, collectibles or grandmother’s silver. In the ideal scenario, you’ll require multiple appraisals of an object from a licensed professional. Appraisers may charge an hourly fee or a flat rate.

An appraiser’s appraisal is most likely to be honest and impartial, while the local shop for collectibles will give you a lower price in exchange for the object. Additionally, owners can determine their item’s worth by reading antique magazines and online appraisal websites. Most websites charge a modest fee, for instance, $10, to appraise an object. However, getting the value online is accomplished by taking photos of the item and isn’t an appraisal in the traditional sense; however it can provide you with an idea of what the item is worth prior to moving forward. If you’re looking to get an appraisal then it is recommended to contact the American Society of Appraisers has many members and is an excellent starting point to find an appraiser who is accredited. 2

Appraisals and Insurance

Certain kinds of insurance policies require appraisals of the goods covered. The renters’ and homeowner’s insurance policies shield policyholders from the loss of personal property due to loss or damage. The policies are blanket and cover things up to a predetermined amount. The assessment of what is inside in an apartment creates an inventory of property owned by the owner and determines its worth, which can make sure that a quick settlement is reached if the claim is made.

If the value of particular objects exceeds the homeowners insurance limit, the homeowner may want to purchase an additional insurance policy that protects high-end items, such as antiques or jewelry, as well as antiques and art pieces. Before granting private property insurance plans to cover expensive items, most insurance companies require applicants to get the item appraised. The appraisal is a proof of the object’s existence and description. It also aids in determining the actual value of the item.

Certain insurance contracts have an appraisal clause, which stipulates that the owner must obtain the appraisal of a mutually agreed upon expert in the case of disagreement between the insured and the company. Neutral appraisals can speed up the settlement process and stop disputes from turning into costly and lengthy lawsuits.

The amount you are charged for an appraisal of your home will be contingent on the location of the property and the amount of time needed for the appraisal.

Home Appraisal Process and Cost

The home appraisal process usually starts when a buyer submits an offer to purchase a house and the sellers acknowledge the offer. The buyer’s mortgage broker or lender can request an appraisal in their name but the buyer is generally required to pay out of their own pocket. A typical home appraisal for a single-family home is between $300 and $450, and appraisals for multi-family homes could start as low as 500 dollars. 3

When the appraisal is requested and the appraiser is notified, the appraiser will set an appointment for a visit to the home. The appraiser then will perform a thorough examination of the exterior and the interior of the house to determine the value. They may need to take photos or measurements of the home. Appraisals may take anywhere from a short amount of time to a couple of hours, depending on the particulars of the house and the appraisal process.

After visiting the house, the appraiser will then use the information they’ve gathered to make a fair estimation of the house’s value. In this phase the appraiser should also examine the value of similar properties in the vicinity. Utilizing these comps, and what they’ve learned by visiting the property, the appraiser will create an appraisal report with the figure of the appraiser’s perception of value for the property.

An appraisal report is given to the buyer as well as the mortgage lender for the buyer. It could take between a week and 10 days to have the appraisal report finalized. Sellers may request a copy the report.

If the buyer is not satisfied with the report of appraisals, they may ask for a reconsideration by the lender, or purchase an additional examination.

How Much Does a Home Appraisal Cost?

On average, a home appraisal could cost from $300-$450. 3 The cost could be higher for appraisals for multi-family homes or other properties that are greater than the average dimension. The buyer is typically accountable for paying the appraisal fee when the appraisal is requested.

Is a Home Appraisal Required?

An appraisal of a home is nearly always required when buying an investment property with a mortgage. Lenders use appraisals to determine if the property is adequate for the amount the buyer wants. The buyer might not require an appraisal if they pay the cash home instead of borrowing a mortgage.