Based on the Department of Housing and Urban Development, There are between 10-12 million owners of rental properties within the U.S. 1 A property management firm ensures the financial viability, reputation maintenance, and the occupancy of tenants in an investment property, whether commercial or residential. property. They also keep their owners up-to-date on the most important performance metrics of the property. Different types of properties and localities are subject to different rules code, laws, and codes, so having a property management business is essential for most landlords.

Property management companies handle daily investment and commercial real property ownership pressures. We analyzed 18 firms to narrow down these top eight after looking at their offerings, cost structure, reporting capabilities, and communication with tenants and owners. Please find out more about our top picks and discover which property management business best fits your needs.

What to Consider When Choosing One of the Best Property Management Companies

It is important to keep in mind that the more tenants and properties an owner owns the more complicated things could become. Plumbing and appliances could need repair, contracts require review, and tenants are changing their residences. If you’re primarily focused on building a real estate business, it is possible that you don’t have the time managing tenants or contractors. These are the most important aspects to consider when deciding among property management firms.

If you’re a fervent DIYer, it can be difficult to agree with letting a 3rd entity control the property. But investing in one of the most reliable property management companies is worth it at the end of the day. Although a top property management firm might cost you a bit it will help avoid the stress of legal problems and the loss of funds and precious time. Some tax deductions could aid in reducing the cost.

How do you find the most reliable property management firm for your property? This guide outlines some of the top companies for property management and offers some suggestions about how to examine them.


RUNNER-UP: Cushman & Wakefield

BEST SUPPORT FOR OWNERS: Lincoln Property Company



Residential and. Commercial Management

The different property management companies might have different areas of focus. Most companies concentrate on commercial or residential property management. Some may combine both, however, they will have separate departments within the company. It is a good idea to identify the type of property management firm to partner with for your property. If, for instance, the majority of the properties you own are retail areas, restaurants, apartments, or complexes, you might want to work with an organization that is specialized in the management of commercial properties. However, If you have multiple houses or multifamily homes, it’s recommended to choose a firm which specializes in managing residential properties.

NMHC Ranking

NMHC is the acronym of National Multifamily Housing Council and is the most reputable organization in the industry of apartments. It ranks the nation’s most successful apartment owners, managers and developers every year. Being on this list is a great honour because NMHC selects the top property managers based on thorough analysis and other factors, such as the number of units that are managed as well as the areas of operation. Also, it considers the breakdown of housing units by market unit, housing for students and senior living. Although a company’s rating isn’t the final word however it’s a crucial aspect to take into account when selecting a property management firm. The companies that NMHC has ranked are trustworthy and have been checked to be in compliance with specific industry standards.

Property Locations

Another thing to consider is the state the property management company is operating in before collaborating with one. For instance, if the owner’s home is located in Florida, a property management firm isn’t managing properties in the state. If that’s the scenario, it could not be the ideal choice to work with as it isn’t well-established in the area and isn’t aware of the area. A business that is already doing business in the area where your property is situated will be familiar with the region and be able to effectively market and anticipate any quirks of the area like weather conditions or trends in the rental.


When deciding the property management company to pick, a property owner needs to be aware of the services the business provides. A property owner must determine the needs of their clients and then communicate these to the businesses they are considering.

If an owner employs an agency to manage the property, manage the property however, the owner is ultimately accountable for the property and their tenants. It is therefore essential that the owner hire an experienced property manager who they can believe in. A reliable property management firm will make prompt repairs and keep accurate records and guard against losses or damages. The owner must also consider what the company’s standards for communication are. What frequency does a company send out updates? Does the owner need to communicate with the company and ask for updates, or will the company communicate with the owner?

Another thing to bear in your mind is whether the business offers beneficial services to tenants such as 24-hour emergency maintenance, or other services. A happy, cooperative tenant who would like to stay in the property can be a huge advantage for property owners and property managers.

Number of Units and Properties

Although the length of time the company has been operating for may be a significant factor to take into consideration, the number of units managed by a company could be more important. The amount of units a business manages is an excellent gauge of its size and the extent to which it has succeeded. A portfolio that is strong with a large number of units under management could be a sign that the company has eliminated a number of sloppy methods of business and is able to attract a wider variety of tenants.

How Do I Choose a Good Property Management Company?

To select the best property management company it is important to search for a business that has an established reputation on the market. They must be able to clearly explain management fees and contract terms. Make sure you choose management firms with the appropriate licenses and insurance to run operations in your state and have specialized expertise in your area. The business you choose to work with must have a clear plan of the best way to contact them in case of any problems.

How Much Should a Property Management Company Charge?

Anything from 8% to around 12% of the rental payments paid is the norm for the property management fee. The services you need from the company can affect the cost for evictions as well as the turnover of tenants. Do you want the property management company to manage the legal aspects, get rid of tenants, wash and prepare for the unit, market the vacant property, and then check the tenants? This could affect (and raise) the fees structure.

Is a Property Management Company Worth It?

For the majority of landlords, it’s not just a good idea. However, it’s nearly necessary to employ a property manager. The multitude of regulations and maintenance obligations that come with managing a rental property can be too complicated or time-consuming that an individual investor can manage by himself. The professionalism and expertise required in dealing with tenants and the necessary skills needed to ensure that the rental is running smoothly are worth the 8 to 12% collection of rent.

How We Chose the Best Property Management Companies

We looked over 18 property management firms to provide you with the top which can provide you with services across the country. There are several excellent companies that provide services for managing properties to a extremely small area that is the metro or city area. To make this list, we selected firms that serve the majority areas of the United States to serve the largest number of readers.


The main factors by which the category winners had to be successful were their standing, their reputation, the variety of services they offer as well as how they allow the property owner to keep track of results by way of web-based dashboards and reports. While smart property management companies don’t price their services until they have an in-depth knowledge of the tasks the owner wishes to be able to offer We did provide you what they will charge, and whenever possible, we gave an array of prices.