Bullet Points on Your Resume is a great way to ensure that people can see the information you want. Your resume is typically viewed by hiring managers for less than 10 seconds.
However, bullets need to be used with care. Too many bullet points can result in unappealing and difficult-to-read text blocks. Too many bullet points can create a laundry list effect and make your resume look less appealing. These tips will help you create a structure for your resume and make bullet points that have an impact.

1. Use Bullet Points on Your Resume Accomplishments & Success Statements

Write 3-5 bullet points to highlight your achievements and successes on the job, for example, under your current employer’s information, such as job title and employment period.

2. Use Bullet Points on Your Resume to Focus on what you highlight.

Consider the job that you are applying for. Then, choose the most relevant points to highlight what you have done, how it was done, and the results. Bullet points are a great way to draw attention to something. However, if you have more than five bullet points per position, it can become a long list. A bullet point should not take more than two lines. It should be concise and clear!

3.For Bullet Points on Your Resume Start with the Most Impressive Point First

Keep in mind that hiring managers only have a few seconds to look at each resume. You want to grab their attention immediately. The most compelling point should be first.

4.Every Bullet Points on Your Resume should be started with results & action verbs.

Remember to focus on the results and not the how when writing bullet points. Consider the following example: Which of these bullet points will grab the attention of the reader the most?
To achieve the 133% sales quota, daily and weekly goals were set
By setting daily and weekly goals, we were able to achieve a 133% sales quota
Answer the second bullet point.

5.Use Numbers for Your Bullet Points on Your Resume.

Use numbers in your bullet points to make them more impactful. This quantifies your experience and is something that every professional should include on their resume in order to stand out during the hiring process. It is important to show results and place the information in context. Example: “Increased sales 30% within the first two year of product relaunch.”

6.Highlight Awards With Bullet Points on Your Resume.

Relevant awards should always be highlighted on your resume to help you stand out from other candidates with the same experience. Use the title “Salesperson-of-the Year” or similar in your bullet points.
A resume that is effective not only informs employers about your skills and experience but also gives insight into your ability to save or make money for companies. Use bullet points to communicate your message