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Fate: The Winx Saga | Season 2 Official Trailer | Netflix

School’s back in session but Alfea’s old regime has gone, and it’s time to embrace the new one!

New magic, new romances, new faces and new danger lurking in the shadows….
Season 2 of Fate: The Winx Saga arrives September 16.

Track: Darkside – Neoni

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About Netflix:
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Fate: The Winx Saga | Season 2 Official Trailer | Netflix

Alfea’s students must protect Solaria from powerful enemies who may already be within the school, while Bloom struggles to control her powers.


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  1. Spoilers: Sam and Musa will break up this season

    2. The Winx suite used Stella's invisibility power to trick Beatrix to string Dowlings strap so She might come for revenge 😈💫

  2. That scene with guys kissing was the most disgusting thing I've even thanks for giving me a nightmare today 🙂

  3. Still waiting for a new season of the The Order

  4. I'm so excited for season two

  5. OMGGGG that looks so good!! 😍

  6. I’m still sour about Tecna but I’ll bite the bullet for now…

  7. My theory is Sam might die

  8. Definitely not for kids like the animated series!

  9. do they really have to add sexual content to everything?

  10. I hope When bloom fine a real parent we will fine "Daphne" Blooms sister who was curse by Sirenix

  11. Can’t wait it looks so good . More Winx vibes

  12. Usually Netflix gives more media attention to their original shows premieres like The Witcher, Stranger Things, Cobra Kai, etc.
    But so far I haven't heard anything from FATE. I wonder why…….

  13. This looks way better than season. More like a fantasy mystery than a high school fantasy drama

  14. I wonder what Terra is doing maybe more earth and rock based magic because to me it looks almost like ice, but Ik that probably wrong lol.


  16. You know what guys I only discovered this Fate Winx Saga 1 day ago and completely watched it now and searching what happened to Season 2 because the Season 1 was released last year and now I came here and shocked because the Season 2 will be release later on 2 days OMG this is fantastic what a coincident I loved this feeling

  17. So they're getting their transformation too?? 🥰

  18. Is it just me or Terra just do ice or diamond thing ?! I thought she was earth

  19. This looks SO COOL!!! Buuuutttt there is 1 thing, that i don"t get, and it does really bother me. What is up with Stella's hair? Like why is it so much shorter? Did the spell go wrong and she accidentally cut her hair or what? I prefer Stella with the long hair over this new style. It doesn't look bad it just looks strange, and doesn't really give Stella vibe to me. ☹️☹️☹️🤔🤔😭😭😭😱😱

  20. Can't Wait!!!! I know what I'm doing this weekend!. Aaahhhh

  21. This season is going to be awesome!!!!!! Super excited for it, and I'm just really REALLY Happy that Flora finally makes her appearance still joining the main character cast- Thank God!!!!! This season is definitely going to blow my mind away every moment of it, can't wait to see the drama and romances and surprising moments of Fate!!!!!

  22. saying this hurts me so much but i am 99% sure musa will die this season as a specialist

  23. Can't waait, but I like Musa with Sam really they were so cute together

  24. Happy to actually see transformations. And now Flora? Trying to have hope that Netflix is trying to save this show

  25. I'm so excited to see season 2 of this 🥰

  26. cancel like 90 shows in 20-21 and then this year downsize their animation and cancel the upcoming Bone show, an adaptation that's been in development hell for a decade and a half… and this gets a second season.

    classy net -_-

  27. I really hope Dark Bloom is in this season

  28. I hope they don't make Beatrix soft 😭

  29. Oh my childhood self will be so happy to have gotten S1. I'm so excited to see S2

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