We’ve witnessed numerous challenges and changes we couldn’t have imagined. The IRS is not an exception. A lot of IRS tax forms are revised more than they were before. Alongside the regular changes and revisions, the brand updated Form 1099-NEC was launched on the date of 2020. The IRS has done this to end the confusion of deadlines for making Form 1099-MISC. form 1099-MISC for various types of payments.

What’s IRS Form 1099 , NEC?IRS Form 1099-NEC is an IRS form that is used to record non-employee pay. Any payment that exceeds $600 in a single payment to an independent contractor vendor should be reported on Form 1099-NEC.

The payment could include:





Cash for purchases of fish

Other forms of payment for services provided in your Business or trade by someone who isn’t your employee.

What’s the reason the IRS revived the form 1099-NEC?

The 1099-NEC actually isn’t a new tax form. It was a valid form up to 1982, and it is back in the spotlight following the tax year 2020.

The IRS has relaunched 1099-NEC due to the confusion surrounding the date to submit 1099-MISC with non-employee compensation.

The deadline to file a 1099 MISC with non-employee compensation and other irregular payments was February 28.

In 2015 the year 2015, the introduction of the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act (PATH Act) extended the deadline from January 31st for filing 1099-MISC for non-employee compensation.

Before the tax period 2020, a payer employed 1099-MISC to report various payments, they were required to file it with the IRS before the 31st day of January. When the 1099-MISC is used for writing other payments than non-employee wages, the report must be filed by February 28 , if filing on paper, and March 31 , if filing electronically.

Two deadlines for the same tax form were confusing for many, including vendors and vendors. The IRS declared the returns as in late status if submitted within January 31.

To help clear this mess To clear up this confusion, the IRS decided to revise the form 1099-NEC. This has brought peace of mind to sellers, buyers, and the IRS.

In the end, taxpayers may choose to submit the 1099-MISC or 1099-NEC, based on the amount of their reported payments for the tax year that extends beyond 2020.

What is the time Form 1099-NEC forms must be filed?

Form 1099-NEC is required to be reported when one among the conditions listed below are satisfied:

The payment is made to someone person who isn’t an employee

Services that are paid for when it comes to trade or Business

Payouts to an estate, partnership, individual or a corporation

Amounts of $600 or more during the year

When is the due date for Form 1099-NEC?

Form 1099-NEC must be filed on the 31st of every year, regardless of the filing method (paper and electronic file). The deadline for copying the recipient is the same date, which is January 31.

The 10-99-NEC deadline date is on a Federal weekends or holidays the following business day will be the due date.

How do I fill out the Form 1099-NEC?

Filing the Form 1099 electronically through the IRS as well as the state-required by TaxBandits the IRS authorized e-file company that allows the e-filing of all the 1099 forms, W2, 94x and ACA forms.

Follow these steps to submit your Form 1099-NEC

First step: Sign up for a Tax Bandits account, or log in if you already have one

Step 2. Fill in the Form Information

Step 3. Review Formula Information

4. Upload it to the IRS and State

Do I have to pay a fine for not submitting 1099-NEC?

Yes. IRS will be able to impose penalties for failure to file the 1099-NEC timely. In addition, the sentence could be assessed if the submitted data was inaccurate. The IRS keeps the same interest rate and punishment for all information returns, including 1099-NEC. Penalty rates begin at 50 dollars per tax return and go up to $550 per return.