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How to make penis thicker, longer and bigger

Today many websites on the Internet make many claims about the method of enlarging the penis and the method of enlarging the penis. But what would all the websites that claim to say? Everyone is confused about this. There are many misconceptions among Indian men about penis size. At the same time, people keep looking for ways to increase the size of their penis by adopting some wrong methods. Due to the eagerness to increase this organ in men, the market of penis enlargement drugs and products has reached billions of rupees today.

Health care, Hand holding banana and measuring tape with injection syringe isolated on white background. Increase penis size concept. surgery

Experts believe that by considering their penis as small, most of the men who are under stress have a normal penis length. At the same time, experts also say that before using penis enlargement and lengthening drugs, men should be consulted by doctors on that subject.

Actually, the size of the penis is according to your body. If you are worried about penis size, then you should go to a specialist and get counseling done. They will be able to give the exact reason for your problem. Although there are less ways to increase the size of the penis, but you can also make this work easier by staying fit and reducing the weight.

The average basis of penis length in adolescents cannot be measured, as it is different in everyone’s growth process.


The process of growth varies according to the age of each person. Along with this, the length of their penis also varies. During adulthood, there is a rapid increase in penis size from 11 to 18 years of age and the process of growth continues continuously for 21 years.

Does gender size matter?

Guy having size worries and checking out with a magnifying glass

Men are afraid of satisfying their partner due to the size of the penis. Some men also worry about their penis size after taking off clothes.

In Indian men, the size of the penis is considered a symbol of their confidence and masculinity of the body, which is a gross misconception. We have already told you the average length of penis size of Indian men. The size of the penis does not matter, but the important thing is that you can satisfy your partner or not. So pay more attention not to your penis size but to your sexual technique.

Men who have small penis size are under stress. Being mentally stressed increases the chances of men having erectile dysfunction. Along with this, he also suffers from many other types of sexual diseases. If you too are suffering from this kind of problem then you need to consult a doctor.

Doctor holding a banana near the vacuum cleaner on a white background, concept of increasing member in men with a vacuum pump

Home remedies and medicine to enhance penis

There are many ways to increase penis size, but some work, some do not. If you are looking for ways to make your penis longer and thicker then some medicines can help you. These drugs increase blood circulation in the area around your penis, which makes your penis fully stimulated during stress and excitement. Apart from this, you can get benefit from yoga, diet changes and some exercise habits to enlarge the penis. So know about these medicines which are used in the method of enlarging your penis.

These drugs may also have some adverse effects. You should consult a doctor before using them –

Gokharu – Gokharu is an indigenous medicine and is found in hot areas. In our country, this herb has been used in Ayurveda since ancient times. It has been used for centuries to remove the strength and weakness of the body.
Many studies have been done on this, which found that bunions increase testosterone levels. Testosterone is a hormone that increases a man’s sexual strength, penis size, and hardness.


Korean ginseng. Herb, health.

Ginseng is a drug found in South Korea, Siberia and North Korea. The ingredients present in this Judi herb work to heal our nerves. Some studies have found that they are beneficial for removing sexual problems, while there are no solid grounds in the medical world regarding its benefits.
Ginseng is used in many medicines. There are also chances of cancer, heart disease, insomnia and other disorders. For this reason, you should consult a doctor before taking it regularly.If you are about to take this medicine, you should see the label or packet of this medicine written as “Korean ginseng root”.

Gingko Biloba

Green fan-shaped leaves and yellow nuts of the ginkgo biloba tree

Ginko biloba herb works to increase brain capacity. Apart from this, it increases the circulation of blood in our body and penis. It is used as a penis enlargement medicine. The study has found that Ginko biloba is very beneficial to overcome depression caused by obstruction in sexual activity. It also helps to increase memory. Apart from this, it also has some harmful effects. It is easily available in the market along with tea leaf and in the form of tablets.

Maca supplement

Maca root health drink in a glass with powdered - Lepidium meyenii.

The powder of maca is used to increase the size of the penis. It is considered a sexual enhancer drug. There are elements inside it that increase your inner strength level and keep the sensations in the penis of men right. Due to this, it is used in large numbers.


                        SAW PALMETTO  L-ARGININE  PYGEUM

It has long been used for penis enlargement medicine. It acts as a kind of amino acid, which corrects the flow of blood to lengthen it during stimulation in the penis. Its 1 gram dose has to be taken thrice a day. Taking it regularly improves your sperm count and fertility. It is used for sexual dysfunction and as a penis enlargement medicine. Avoid taking it if you are taking heart disease medicine.

What to eat to increase penis size

You can also take certain types of foods in penis enlargement measures. The next time you go to the market, you must bring these foods. In these, elements are found to increase stimulation and size in your penis. Let’s know about them.


natural organic onions of different varietiesMany types of research have found that onions contain all the ingredients to lengthen your penis. Actually, the elements present in the onion prevent the blood from freezing. = Also, it smooths the flow of blood flowing from the heart. Due to which the size of the penis starts increasing.

Salmon Fish

Fried salmon steak with vegetables on wooden tableOmega 3 and other nutrients are found in salmon fish, which work to lengthen our penis.


banana cut on boardBanana is considered a useful food item for your heart and blood cells. In addition, it is important to enlarge the size of your penis as well.


slices of watermelonConsuming watermelon causes excitement in the penis. Watermelon contains amino acids that maintain the spread of veins. Watermelon is said to be essential for men’s health.

Penis enhancer vitamins

Vitamins also play an important role in penis enlargement methods. If you are also keen to know about ways to enlarge your penis, then you must include these vitamins in your diet.

Vitamin A

Healthy products rich in vitamin A

Vitamin A is very important for the body. It has anti-bacterial properties, which keeps you away from many diseases. Any type of diseases prevent your penis size from growing. Therefore, you should eat more and more vitamin A diet. Carrots and sweet potatoes contain plenty of vitamin A.

Vitamin B5

Foods Highest in Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)

Vitamin B5 helps in enlarging your penis. It maintains the activity of increasing your penis even after it is done. Vitamin B5 is found in sunflower seeds, in grains and in mushrooms.

Vitamin C

Food containing vitamin C. Healthy eating

Vitamin C should be used for ways to increase sexual stamina and lengthen the penis. Vitamin C, which increases the size of the penis, is found in guava, broccoli and yellow capsicum. Apart from this, you can take it from many things.


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