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Pregnancy trimesters: Everything you need to know

Pregnancy is a period of about forty weeks during which the fetus develops in the woman’s womb. The egg formed in the ovary is fertilized (fertilized) by the male’s sperm, only then a woman conceives. The process of mixing of eggs and sperm is called fertilization. Once an implantation (when the egg is fertilized, is attached to the uterine wall for nourishment), pregnancy begins.

Since it is very difficult to find out on which day the egg has fertilized, the last day of last menstruation is considered as the beginning of pregnancy. Gynecologists add forty weeks or 280 days to this day and give a possible date of birth.

Once pregnancy is confirmed, the right pre-natal (before birth) care should be taken to prevent any complications or hazards such as miscarriage, placental abortion etc. Every pregnant woman has to have regular check ups during pregnancy. These check ups are done to know how the fetus is growing in the womb and whether it needs special care or not. A pregnant woman has to take a lot of vaccinations, in addition, she is also asked to take vitamins and mineral supplements during this time.

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A woman should follow a balanced pregnancy diet and exercise routine during pregnancy for good health of the mother and baby and good development of the baby. If there is no complication in pregnancy, a normal vaginal delivery of the woman can be done. If the fetus is not held properly or is pre-mature or has any other complication, a cesarean or c-section delivery will be done.

Let us know more about pregnancy.

First trimester of pregnancy

pregnancy test

The period from one to twelve weeks of pregnancy is called the first trimester. However, most women do not know that they are pregnant from the fifth to the seventh week. The exact calculation of pregnancy starts from the last day of the period. During this time, there is a high probability of miscarriage, so more care is needed at this time.

The woman’s body is getting ready for the entire pregnancy in the first trimester. The uterus begins to grow to keep the fetus inside, the umbilical cord develops to deliver nutrition to the uterus. In addition, the amount of hormones and blood is doubled and weight gain is increased.

The infant develops very rapidly in the first trimester. During this time, the baby’s spinal cord, brain and other organs are formed, and by the end of the ultrasound, you can also hear the baby’s heartbeat.

Second trimester of pregnancy

Pregnant woman on utltrasonographic examination at hospital

The period from 13 to 27 weeks of pregnancy is called the first trimester. During this trimester, the pregnant woman feels as if the baby is moving in her womb. Which means that the baby is growing properly in the womb. Pre natal care should continue in this trimester, especially if you are about to give birth to multiple pregnancy or twin babies.

Ultrasound is done to monitor your baby’s development at 18 to 20 weeks. It is important that if there is any complication of any kind during pregnancy or if the infant has any congenital disorder, it should be known at the beginning of the second trimester. This is because it will enable the mother to advance the pregnancy by thinking properly and the doctors will also help in treating the complications.

It is also important to remember that even though the baby is believed to be uterus (can live outside the womb) after 23 weeks, the longer the baby stays in the womb, the more likely it is to live and have health problems. The danger is reduced.

Third trimester of pregnancy

pregnant woman's belly

The period from 28 to 40 weeks of pregnancy is called the first trimester. By this week your weight has increased more and now you are feeling more tired than before. It is important that you take adequate rest during this time so that the baby is safe in the womb.

The baby’s bones are fragile but have been fully formed by this time. By this time the baby can feel the light and can even open and close his eyes. If everything goes well, you and your baby will be ready for vaginal delivery by the end of this quarter.

It is important to note that a baby born at 37 weeks is called a pre-mature. Such infants are at risk of having a weakened immune system and delayed development. Babies born at 39 and 40 weeks are called “full term” babies and are much healthier.

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