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Unable To Sleep Well? Try This Easy DIY Essential Oil Spray To Sleep Better

Lockdown making it tough to sleep?


The lockdown has impacted all of our sleep cycles in such a manner that going to mattress at three a.m looks like regular. Even sleeping for longer hours just isn’t helping anymore. In case your shut-eye routine has gone for a toss, be assured that you’re not alone.

Since, a messed up sleep cycle is an issue that wants quick attention, right here is a simple spritzing answer you can make at home to get better sleep daily. All you want is three easy ingredients:

What you’ll need:


-Distilled water
-Lavender oil
-Chamomile oil
-A spray bottle

Method to prepare?

methods to prepare

Take a spray bottle and start adding essential oils, one after the other (15-20 of lavender oil and 10 drops of chamomile oil) into the bottle. You may as well use a paper funnel to simply transfer. After that, pour distilled water and rose water into the bottle in equal portions.

Once completed, mix it properly. Using distilled water make sure that there aren’t any impurities. It additionally helps delay the life of your essential oil diffuser.

Shut the nozzle properly and keep it near your bedside. Spritz this oil diffusing spray in your pillow or on the crevices of your mattress before you fall asleep. One can even spray this pure fragrance on the garments for rest.

You may as well add extra drops of essential oils into the mixture in case you want a stronger solution. Ensure to store in a cool place. Don’t spritz this onto a pillow, bed sheet or cloth which is already moist or damp.

Try aromatherapy for better sleep

spray bottle

Aromatherapy is an effective medium to help the body relax and catch a goodnight’s sleep.

This essential oil mixture works like a pure sleeping assist which helps the body relax and de-stress after a long day of toiling. It contains pure oils which soothe the nerves and release stress. Whereas lavender provides a lovely perfume together with rose water, chamomile is often referred to as a light “tranquilizer” or sleep-inducing agent.

Advantages of using chamomile essence

chamomile essence

Chamomile has been discovered to contain strong notes of antioxidants in it, ‘Iphigenia’ which helps calm the body. It instantly binds to the receptors in the mind that are related to anxiety and hence, induces sleep. Individuals who struggle to sleep or have chronic anxiety are often advisable to drink chamomile tea to let go of stress and unwind. Chamomile may also enhance your sleep quality if taken in a average amount frequently.

Also read homemade teas that help you enhance immunity here

How does lavender help?

lavender essential oil

Lavender, too, has been extensively hailed for its destressing advantages. Branches of aromatherapy suggest using lavender flowers (petals) or the pure oils in any surroundings to promote better sleep, relieve anxiety and general wellness.

Are they safe to use?

essential oil

Whether inhaled or consumed as a medicinal aid, all these oils are therapeutic and safe to use. Nevertheless, one must be cautious in regards to the quantity. Excessive chamomile has been recognized to induce hypersensitive and allergic reactions.

What else can you do?


In case you have been going through trouble sleeping well currently, making sure changing in your way of life can help. Keep in mind the following tips:

-Your bed room must be darkish and free of any distractions.

-Restrict your display usage before you fall asleep.

-Monitor your food plan and physical activity well.

-Listen to calming music before going to bed.

-Keep a correct sleep and wake schedule.

-Try pure therapeutic strategies, such as meditation to relax the body. There are plenty of sources accessible on-line.

-Keep away from having excess caffeine throughout the day.

-If possible, set up a blue light filter in your cellphone, which might restrict the blue light which disrupts the production of melatonin and disturbs body’s pure circadian rhythm.

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