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Look Both Ways | Official Trailer | Netflix

Lili Reinhart stars as Natalie, a young woman whose life diverges into two different paths on the night of her college graduation. In one life, she becomes pregnant and must navigate motherhood as a young adult in her hometown and in the other she moves to LA to pursue her career. In both journeys, Natalie experiences life-changing love, pursues her dream career as an artist, and rediscovers herself. LOOK BOTH WAYS also stars Danny Ramirez, David Corenswet, Aisha Dee, Andrea Savage, Luke Wilson, Nia Long and is directed by Wanuri Kahiu.


About Netflix:
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Look Both Ways | Official Trailer | Netflix

On the night of her college graduation, Natalie’s life splits into parallel realities after she takes a pregnancy test. What will life and love bring?


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  1. thank you netflix! i dont need to watch the movie now! thank you for saving me 2 hours of my life

  2. Yes It could be me. What happens I never give up my dreams as a health care etc. Where I should be now?

  3. This movie was great! I never thought I’d disagree with the Rotten Tomatoes reviews. It’s an original and cute movie with a good message. I recommend it.

  4. They're right here in the world movie on Netflix it a war movie on Netflix the movie don't ever make sense it jumping all over the play the in and out of suit with a f***

  5. Just awesome, great msg, can't cantrol my emo🥺😭

  6. one worked to death
    another worked for kids and then died

  7. For someone who always made very clear how tired she was about Riverdale's bad writing this is… MEDIOCRE… by the way she criticized Riverdale I thought her next move was gonna be an Oscar nomination worthy role on a GOOD movie.

  8. What is the song in the end?

  9. I thought this would be typical teen, romantic, boring movie but actually it was good. Its worth watching.

  10. David Corenswet (Jake) is so hot!

  11. For me it was a waste of time honestly, keep going back and forth with the two dimensions life made me just confused
    Was a headache

  12. 👆👆👆I can’t say how much happy I’m last weekend,I thought it’s was a scam but I just have to take the risk and I did,I got the legit and easy CC SITE AND METHOND FROM Then Above name,thanks man

  13. So, it's a sort of remake of Gwyneth Paltrow's "Sliding Doors" except Brittany Murphy's younger cousin is the lead. Hmm, should feel nostalgic.

  14. This movie resonates so much and it made me cry. Especially the LA Natalie. Definitely one of my favourite movies of all time! Great job guys.

  15. I just watched it and I LOVED IT. Netflix did good on this one.

  16. I feel like this movie targeted us late 20s and early 30's crowd. Even the movie song "We are young" came out during our early 20's when we had so much planned for the future. This movie is so meaningful and now has a piece of my heart ❤️

  17. I'm from watching the movie and all I can say is I think the universe had infinite ways of bringing you what you want ❤️…you just have to trust the process

  18. Lili and camilla got their own movies 😀 im so happy for them. Now i hope madeline has something for us soon. FREE THESE TALENTED SWEET PEOPLE FROM THE SHACKLES OF RIVERDALE lol

  19. I like gabe&natalie more♥️

  20. I really loved that movie. It was honest, vulnerable, realistic and fair. Lili Reinhart was perfect for the role.

  21. Just watched the movie and I loved every second of it

  22. I’m surprised more people are not talking about how similar this is to the tjr book, maybe in another life

  23. Before i have a daughter, I was an ambitious career woman. My pregnancy also wasn’t planned. During transitioning to motherhood, it is often to question about my choice on being a working mom. To mourn or to celebrate, that was my question.

    I know my situation is different from ‘Look Both Ways’, i am more mature, I have job, I have supportive friends and family, but somehow I know the feeling Natalie struggles both as a mom and a career woman.

    This movie is so empowering. It is so realistic yet gives women audience a confidence on choosing life. I really like it.

  24. Well this was a great chick flick movie. Thumbs up for me 6 out of 10

  25. This is Sliding Doors 2022 version 😃

  26. This is such a great movie with a moral message to it! One thing I learned from this movie is that whatever the path turns out even if it's scary, at the end of the day you find the way on the journey and everything turns out to be okay ❤️

  27. She looks like she can be Britney Murphy's daughter

  28. She looks just like Alicia Silverstone

  29. Why were the parents so mean to her?

  30. If you are reluctant abt this one…Lemme tell you….Erase that doubt…watch this amazing movie….
    The way this movie beautifully revolves around the concept that you are where u r supposed to be….u r neither late nor early….i lovee how she ended up meeting the same people…. especially how she ended up happy in both

    Supremely well written and directed…

  31. Just watched and it was AMAZING! I am so happy that they didn't really give an ending on her situation but it's all about interpretation and that road less traveled concept. Best movie I've seen in a whileA

  32. one has to go to youtube algoritms since netflixes are just trash to find new series and youtube is trashy also which tell about netflixes -i guess alot of people in charge are "special" and needs ai or its the ai thats "special" and needs help of humans anyway junk

  33. I will cover the conclusions after watching the film in one sentence: "Whatever happens … it will be fine." 💕 It's a really good movie 👍

  34. 1:31~ title?please tell me!

  35. Sometimes Lili Reinhart makes me remember a bit of Britta y Murphy. Maybe I'm wrong but I see it sometimes

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