Autowheel AW-MIRROR-BODYCOVER-ZEST Best Seller Premium Heavy Duty Car Body Cover With Pockets For Tata Zest (Dark Grey)


Price: INR 2,399.00 - INR 975.00
(as of Oct 05,2018 08:36:57 UTC – Details)

TGP GROUP INTRODUCE About the Body Cover . IT is designed as all weather covers to protect your vehicle against harsh outdoor conditions. Premium 90% UV protected and fabric helps to preserve the vehicle’s paint and also safeguard it from the dust and pollution. The imported fabric naturally resists moisture, fungus and expels stale odour and matches body profile perfectly. It is super soft and light weighted and it can be handled easily unaffected by climatic conditions. Body covers are mainly used to protect car from weather extremes, fading away from sunlight, scratching etc. Body covers are designed for everyday indoor use, long term storage and outdoor use. Some of its common features are: All covers are water resistant. Can be used for both indoor and outdoor covering of cars. Functions Body covers are very essential for overall protection of the cars. Some of its important functions are: Protect the vehicle against weather, scrapes, scratches and sun damage. Protect against sun damage to paint and leather. Protect the internal engine parts from rust and wearing. Shield the vehicle from flying road debris without any rubbing on the surface

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