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Ranbir Kapoor exudes the brightest light in Ayan Mukerji’s labor of love


Astraverse, India’s first original universe, is introduced in the three-part film series Brahmastra. It’s a brand new, original cinematic universe with epic storytelling of fantasy, adventure, good versus evil, love and hope set in the current era and presenting never-before-seen visual spectacles. It is inspired by deeply held ideas and stories from Indian history.


At the Harry Potter series, the main character discovers that Lord Voldemort’s secret to immortality is the Horcruxes, which he has to hunt down and destroy. Interestingly, Potter is also one of the Horcruxes, and he too must be destroyed in order to kill Voldemort once and for all. Brahmastra brings that same idea back, and it’s just the visual spectacle you craved on the big screen.

This year, the only visual effects-heavy movie cinephiles they relied on were Marvel movies. However, most of them led to disappointment, and now Brahmastra arrived to “save” the fantasy drama genre. The film begins with a narration by Amitabh Bachchan, who talks about Brahmansh, a secret society like the Illuminati, who were Astras in their own sense and are protecting the last astra, Brahmastra.

As the generation changes, the power of the Astras is transferred to new ones who learn to use it well and not to misuse it. This is the base and introductory piece of the trilogy planned by Ayan Mukerji.

As we are introduced to Ranbir Kapoor as Shiva in the film, we also get a glimpse of other Astras that now exist and how they are protecting themselves and the entire secret society.

But the basic plot for Brahmastra it’s about a boy meets girl moment and how it unlocks the power within him. Ayan brings his usual tropes of making lovers find each other in an unexpected but sweet way, and how in no time are they bonded to each other. In the movie, Shiva and Isha (Ranbir and Alia) are two peas in a pod in short order, and the rapid succession can confuse you. The director wastes no time in putting the two together and taking them on an adventure journey. However, Ayan wasted time with the dialogue, which is very cartoonish and gets to a scary point on some level.

Written by Hussain Dalal, the film’s lowest point begins the moment the actors start talking to each other. Every line of dialogue begs the question, “What if it was just a visual film with BGM and music and no one spoke?” The landing of these dialogues, despite trying to be funny, just comes back and can make you sigh or feel blah at regular intervals.

Other than that, we can’t take away the fact that Ayan’s efforts were fruitful and how! Just before the break, and with the entry of Nagarjuna Akkineni, is when the exciting point of Brahmastra begins. The brilliant mountain chase sequence is beautifully shot, along with the thrilling background track.

if you wait Brahmastra have a lot of details about the whole astralverse, then your patience will be tested for a few more years. The first part is just about Shiva and him discovering the power of fire within him. There’s more to the story, and get ready to bring your theory game to it.

Let’s not derail the plot! BrahmastraIt’s story has many mysteries, which Ayan decided to only unravel one at a time. However, in doing so, he makes the mistake of showing the same sequences in the name of flashbacks. Repeating sequences just interrupts the movie’s flow in multiple instances, again failing to land properly.

The great highlight of Brahmastra it’s mainly VFX, which it depends a lot, and deservedly so. The best is created by Nandiastra of Nagarjuna, where a raging bull behind him is created as he takes command to face off against enemies. It’s beautiful and can be a little unsettling for photosensitive people.

Moreover, the fiery play, which begins with Agniastra of Shiva, also takes the cake, and how! The whole Deva Deva the sequence of songs is beautiful to watch on the big screen.

Credit where it’s due, Ayan Mukerji has written a screenplay that is heavily inspired by Hindu mythology and passes with multiple rainbow stripes. The filmmaker’s screenplay translation is stupendous and will definitely leave you wanting more.

However, the movie is definitely not flawless, as mentioned above, and it comes with the actors’ performances as well. Given that the film claims a group of talented actors, the hesitation among the few is quite evident.

Let’s start with the best! Without a doubt, Amitabh Bachchan and Nagarjuna will impress you from the start. Both actors were legends in their own right. Nagarjuna’s role is short-lived, and I wish there was more to it than that. But Big B’s character arc is quite interesting and well-written, as the megastar can do anything and everything.

Shiva, played by Ranbir Kapoor, is more of a character for the actor where he goes into a mode of self-discovery. However, this time, the fantasy genre enters the picture. For the actor, playing this role is a cinch, as it’s something we’ve seen him do for the past 15 years in many of his films. I can’t call him his best, but the actor holds the screen with his presence and steals the show in many of the sequences.

RK is definitely the light of Brahmastra and its play with fire sequences and also the whole chaotic climax sequence will make you not blink even once while watching.

Next comes Mouni Roy, and lo and behold, the big screen reveal! The actor is shown as a totally negative character and has one of the meatiest roles in the film. His character, Junoon, adds mystery and a spark of fire to the mix. Hands down, an actor to keep an eye on Brahmastra.

Unfortunately, fantasy drama’s weakness is Alia Bhatt. The actor has been given lines, which are juvenile and make you wonder what the writer was thinking. It’s just one of the actor’s not-up-to-the-mark performances that made audiences go wild for her this year.

The love story and chemistry between Ranbir and Alia are also the film’s negatives, despite being the backbone of the story.

Brahmastra is also a musical and songs, especially Deva Deva and the one with Shiva, are the best among the lot. But we must say that there isn’t a single song that you don’t like, as the entire OST album is fantastic with a mix of pop, trance and romantic in one.

Ayan Mukerji’s labor of love shines a light at the end of the day and lays a perfect foundation for the trilogy it was intended to be. The film set a new benchmark in terms of visual effects in Indian cinema and the plot, although it doesn’t bring anything new, the narration makes it better. But Brahmastra decreased a little, mainly because of the dialogues, which can stay with you, as they are immature and how!

The hope is to bring out the second installment quickly enough that the curiosity she’s built up won’t be killed off over time.


An imperfect and flawed film that you will appreciate for its efforts and visual spectacle. Brahmastra shows Ayan’s determination to bring something new to the world of Indian cinema. It’s his homage to Indian mythology mixed with western fantasy dramas like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Harry Potter series and others. Shall we recommend this movie to you? Hands down, yes. But just tolerate the dialogues keeping your eyes wide open for the stupendous VFX. My rating is purely for Ayan’s vision and the efforts he made to create Brahmastra!

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