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Stranger Things 4 | Becoming Vecna: A Behind the Scenes Look | Netflix

Screams in demogorgon: Get a behind the scenes look at the making of VECNA featuring Jamie Campbell Bower, Barrie Gower, the Duffer Brothers and more.


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  1. Dude imagine walking passed a mirror and scaring yourself in the reflection because of your make up look?!

  2. Jamie Campbell Bower Vecna and one ?

  3. Have you ever thought why bad characters doesn't have nose?😂

  4. Me not listening just looking at Jamie

  5. Fred seems so nosy and such a nerd in stranger things but in real life he seems so cool nice and amazing

  6. How they glue the latex to the face? I sweat a lot and i already tried with everyting

  7. I believe we all understand why Millie cried though. If I saw Jamie in that walking down the street I would break down crying and screaming for help or too terrified to speak. I don’t watch horror things so when I saw that in stranger things I was terrified immediately.

  8. Whoa. He would be a great pinhead. 🤔

  9. I seen this and only that was vecna drinking iced coffee

  10. Millie is like same of me from the first moment i saw vecna i couldnt sleep

  11. Princess La😍💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻

  12. 2:03 why do they have a picture of his croch💀💀💀💀💀💀

  13. When Jamie made that slightly angry face were he slanted hi eyebrows it looked just as scary as in the show

  14. vecna,s design >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>villians design

  15. Jesus Eleven is hot in this

  16. Me in the upside down running from vecna turns around wait hey vecna wanna go to starbucks

  17. Is that slender man!?

  18. Everyone: vecna’s creepy.
    Me: vecna looks cool!

  19. Can I just say they barley changed Joe cause he's already ✨ Perfect ✨

  20. Sadie is a beautiful girl. Her smile always touch my heart.

  21. He dose look chilling

  22. Was Millie on her way to a club or something?

  23. His voice alone played a great role

  24. If i was also filming st4 and being cursed by vecna and see THAT i would SCREAM like not even act that would just be me actually trying to get away from jamie 😭

  25. Nah bro but what if jamie had to shit in the vecna costume 💀

  26. The costume/makeup dept needs a huge kudos. Practical effects are underutilized and you can't get the same effect with cgi.

  27. Hard to hog the spotlight with Jamie around aye 😆

  28. Vecna is horror's Darth Vader! the voice! the presence! the visual and audio impact! its like how alien was the perfect space monster. we now have Vecna. Jamie is awesome as Vecna and a perfect choice. What a great talent of actors and makeup/costume designers this series has. they should be winning accolades. just brilliant and such dedication from all involved!

  29. he's got that smokers voice

  30. Excellent play am edicted to this show. We really want more seasons

  31. the beginning be like: …….. freæad….

  32. Yuss so gud good job duffer brothers!!, u did gud

  33. Those fingers started off as a 3D printed project some dude started selling them on eBay then they started selling like crazy companies even wanted in and now they're using them in stranger things so cool just imagine if dude didn't invent these fingers vekna his hand would look different or it would be CGI

  34. Your voice is really amazing.

  35. Idk why but every time I saw Vecna’s full look, I kept thinking out Jim Carey’s Grinch costume. Something oddly similar.

  36. This is so awesome I loved venca in this and he was so scary.

  37. I'm just impressed on how Jamie was acting he is just so good

  38. Im just imagining if i was a part of the stranger things cast and I all a sudden saw vecna. Let be honest we would be scared af.

  39. I want to join stranger things as a Actor please Any Chance ❤️🥺

  40. this vecna dude is the same guy possessed with devil on Devil Made Me Do This right?

  41. Everyone in the cast of stranger things played their roles and scripts really good this is a amazing show and good storyline 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  42. Perfect, Love it🖤
    Gimme Goosebumps✨

  43. Eleven visits American Pie in Stranger Milk 🙂

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