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Cheap Web Hosting: Best Web Hosting Providers To Choose When On A Budget! [2020]

Cheap web hosting might have a reputation for offering poor performance. But that’s not always the case, especially in 2020 here are my best web hosting picks !
► Hostinger 90% OFF ➜ https://emit.reviews/go/hostinger-2020?cheaphosting
When choosing cheap web hosting the primary thing you want is a decent performance for your website. Of course, these plans won’t be able to handle huge loads and tens of thousands of visitors per day. However, they’re an excellent budget solution for your run of the mill website that’s getting a couple of hundred unique visitors per day. And besides, since all 3 providers on this list are reputable you can always scale from your cheap web hosting solutions to more expensive plans as needed. So while all 3 companies offer cheap web hosting, they’re by no means cheap companies offering best web hosting services for a low price.
Web Hosting Discounts & Coupons
#1 ► Hostinget 90% OFF https://emit.reviews/go/hostinger-2020?cheaphosting
#2 ► InterServer ➜ https://emit.reviews/go/interserver-2020/?cheaphosting
#3 ► Bluehost 67% OFF ➜ https://emit.reviews/go/bluehost-2020?cheaphosting

Intro – 00:00
Cheapest Short Term – 0:25
Cheapest Long Term – 4:10
Cheapest Hosting Package – 7:40
Cheapest Short Term – Hostinger

Hostinger plans start at $0.72 or $0.89 cents depending on what kind of promotion they’re running. That’s definitely the cheapest web hosting services that don’t run into any performance issues out of any I’ve tested before.

My Hostinger website only experiences 10-30minutes of downtime each month. However, while I was testing for this video my website went down for 9hours (so keep in mind that these outages might happen). I’ve been using Hostigner for a couple of years and these kinds of occurrences are quite rare

► Hostinger 90% OFF ➜ https://emit.reviews/go/hostinger-2020?cheaphosting

In terms of speed, Hostinger is on par with even the fastest providers out there like A2 hosting or SiteGround (even though SiteGround has been struggling in the past months, I’ll need to run more tests to see what’s up with that)

Overall, Hostinger is an excellent option if you’re looking for cheap web hosting right now. Their initial prices are the lowest on the market and you can score a 4-year plan for less than $50. However, their renewal prices aren’t as kind. That’s why for long-term hosting I recommend Interserver.
Cheapest Long Term – InterServer

InterServer is not a super big brand, they don’t spend tons on marketing. But what they do spend their resources on is performance. InterServer has a lot of clever hardware solutions that allow them to offer cheap web hosting because they don’t rely on third party services. InterServer actually offers the best performing cheap web hosting plans out there. And the best part? They don’t increase their prices on renewals.

InterServer plans start at just $4 a month. So you can get a yearly plan for just $50. And once it’s time to renew it’ll cost you just $50 again.

InterServer web hosting services are amongst the most reliable. Since they only offer 1 web hosting plan it’s suited for even large scale web hosting projects. You get to host unlimited websites, you get unmetered bandwidth and unmetered storage space.

► InterServer ➜ https://emit.reviews/go/interserver-2020/?cheaphosting
Cheapest Hosting Package – Bluehost

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for your website and you don’t want to spend a ton. I recommend Bluehost, in all honesty, they’re not even close to being as cheap as Hostinger and Interserver. But they do offer a lot of extra features that make it worth it.

You get an SSL certificate, a domain name, 24/7 support, a professional email box and plenty of autoinstall software to use when creating your website. All of these features come free as part of any plan and will come in handy when creating your website.

Out of all the cheap web hosting providers on this list, Bluehost is probably the most beginner-friendly and inclusive. You won’t be paying the lowest price, but you’ll be getting more bang for your buck.

► Bluehost 67% OFF ➜ https://emit.reviews/go/bluehost-2020?cheaphosting

Web hosting technology has gotten a lot cheaper over the years and there’s really no reason to overpay in 2020. Most cheaper solutions or newer web hosting companies actually run BETTER and NEWER hardware than the web hosting giants from the past.
I am affiliated, but not sponsored by any hosting provider. This means I might make money when you purchase hosting services through the links provided and I might be able to offer discounts when available. All of my opinions on this channel are always my own!

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  1. Woem great video. But I need your full recommendations. I've subscribed.
    Question: what's the best host for the best performance that has enough disk space. Price doesn't matter. I need the best. Please. Drop a link

  2. Hi. Love your videos especially the way you put your content. Can you help me out choosing the right domain and web hosting company? I am starting daily tech blogs and want to try it for a year or two and I want to reach out to the audience(sponsors). Also, my budget is low. Which company do you recommend?

  3. Hi, thank you for your effort in putting this enlightening video together. I want to start a personal blog out of the three which one would you recommend. I had started on the free WordPress plan but it is very limiting in terms of customization e.t.c. I also intend to monetize my blog. Your guidance will be highly appreciated. thank you.

  4. Hey, I'm Interested in starting a Affiliate Marketing online business, Do You Think WordPress would be a Good Platform for beginners? Also What Domain name, Business email & Web Hosting Provider(s) do you recommend to run WordPress Efficiently? (When your on a Budget) Also any RECOMMENDATION YOU HAVE for extra Security that's Necessary with domain & Hosting if any? I'm Thinking about Hostinger for my hosting, still researching who HAS the best domain name plan(s) with subdomains and features without extra cost. Thanks!!

  5. Hi, Can you please explain why you said that the Hostinger Renewal would go up to $400? Because at check out it says "

    Plan renews 3/28/2024 @ $2.15/month " which means at renewal if use it on the monthly basis I would only have to pay $2.15 right? and if I again purchase it for 48 months it would be $103.2 (48*12.5), right ? Am I wrong? I don't know much about how pricing works with these Hosting providers. Thank you

  6. At around 2:30 I made a mistake when testing with SiteGround. I had my datacenter in Singapore and I did the test from Canada. So it was inaccurate, SiteGround was A LOT faster when I redid the test with correct configuration. Sorry for the dumb mistake, I forgot to switch testing location before running the test 🙁

  7. I'm ready to sign up but not sure between Hostfinger or Interserver. I have 4 Domains but only one is critical and need 2 more slots to Park 2 domains. I only use 4 or 5 email accounts per Domain but don't want a silly storage cap per account. Websites are very basic btw…I'm leaning to Interserver due to locked in price. Thanks, Mark.

  8. is 2.95$ for Bluehost for renewing as well after 3 year for an another renew or price increase to 7.99$ after 3 years?
    and what is better Bluehost or Interserve? 1$ extra for a month but no tension for a lifetime.
    bcs hostinger kill wallet after 4-year plan, right?
    so what is better option?


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