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Google JUST Released a WordPress Plugin. You Need to Know About It.

You’re going to want to see this. It’s not often that Google releases a plugin specifically for WordPress, but that’s exactly what they just did. It’s something we’re very curious about for how it will work for niche sites, and where it’s so new NOW might be the perfect time to try it out.

Get the plugin here: https://google.github.io/web-stories-wp/beta/

Google has some specifics you can read about here: https://developers.google.com/search/docs/guides/enable-web-stories

Here are a couple examples we made for you:

8 Things to do Now to be a Millionaire

Is Law School Worth It?

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  1. In Japan this visual-heavy "story" style is called "manga" and it is another idea that google has lifted from sites we created 20 years ago. Also, it seems to be another way for google to keep surfers on their SERPs versus delving into content pages on destination sites…making it just another way for webmasters and content creators to enrich google firstmost.

  2. this will give google another op. to censor. there is prob. agreements uses. its a trap. yes they will initially flavor things with more views. look what googles has done ytube from a to z … the exact samee principles but with vids . and look at the level of censorship. but its you i will not go near them i have been pulling all my data off google platforms and cross platforms. i shut down my blogger sites as well.

  3. I really appreciate you guys showing some examples of this.

    I’ve had this plugin for maybe a month. Saw it promoted by two other guys who didn’t go as far with it as you did. So, thanks👍🏾

  4. google+ all over again 😉 they do not have idea how to distract users from what they really searched for. Prepare for world after Google within next 2 yrs. Which is a good thing btw😁. Their service is crappy already- who needs yt stories?

  5. I’m gonna hop in on this one! Definitely is beneficial to be in the first wave 🌊 I think these little stories do so well because our attention span as a society is dropping, but that’s what people want to see, short videos! The shorter videos do better on Tik Tok

  6. I get most of my clients to use Tactiq, which automatically transcribes our sessions. So I can maintain engagement, and they don't have to lose focus by taking notes.
    Google doesn't allow you to download the captions from a Google Meet meeting.
    This is a free service, It also allows you to highlight the transcript and get a summary in Google Docs.
    It is good if you are unable to record the session as well.
    It's super handy https://tactiq.io/

  7. I tried to install on my company's blog but there was a fatal error every time.
    Fatal error: Arrays are not allowed in class constants in /home/focomultimidia/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/web-stories/includes/Media.php on line 47

  8. I really think Google has done a pretty good job with this. 🙂
    Everyone can now make something pretty and informal without being an experienced content creator.
    I wish that Gutenberg blocks would take inspiration on this plugin.

    My first story: https://t.ly/YRrX


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