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HOW TO WRITE A BLOG POST FOR BEGINNERS 2019: Tips To Create AMAZING Blog Posts From The Start

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Hey guys! Today I want to take it back to the basics of blogging and share some tips on how to write a blog post for beginners! Not only am I sharing a step by step process to create your first blog post, but I’m also sharing some tips to make better blog posts. PLUS exactly how to launch a blog post on WordPress.

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○ My Blogging Process – https://youtu.be/l3piJJLw4Hk

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Sharing blogging tips to help you grow your blog faster than you thought possible!



  1. Wow. I have a lot to learn. I am new to blogging. I have been trying to blog about religion. So is fresh in my mind. It can can complicated in a hurry considering the variety of beliefs, practices and other details in a wide variety of religions. The tip to talk like talking to a fourth grader is going to be so hard. I like to discuss complex and advanced topics. I like to pile on jargon, because it makes it easier and more efficiant to explain everything. The topic of religion doesn't fit with what a fourth grader knows. Fourth graders don't know anything about religion. It may vary with individuals, and what their parents' religion is like. Still fourth graders should not know what religion is. They are too young. They should wait until they are older, and then they can explore it the way they want. Fourth graders wouldn't even know what Bible is or who Jesus is. That is the bottom of the barrel with something that is so easy and so commonly known by many adults. One doesn't need to be a religious scholar or even a Christian to know. There would be jargon too. It is easy for those in the know. However it is a barrier for the laypeople. In my last post, I had quite a few tough words. There is henotheism, samsara, dharma, karma, moksha and nirvana. I did briefly explain what those words mean. Still it may be tough to understand. It would be too tough for a fourth grader. It may be easier for an Indian. Everybody, run to your dictionaries. Even if I did spell thing out, it would be difficult to explain. I discuss really abstract topics. It is difficult to wrap ones mind around. I don't know the developmental psychology, but fourth graders may not grasp abstractions as easily as teens and adults can. What is God? Uh… He is like the fairy godmother on steriods. Oh they probably don't know what steroids are. So he is like the fairy godmother but a whole lot more powerful. What is spirit? Umm…? It is like a ghost that lives in a person's body, and it lives on after the person dies. Wait a minute. Does a fourth grader know what death is? That is one of the most important issues in religion. At least Bambi is a kids movie notorious for tackling the issue of death. Lion Kind and Land Before Time does this too. These descriptions of God and spirit doesn't do justice at all. It is hard to explain in a way that is understandable. Yikes. There is a lot a fourth grader doesn't know. When I was that age.I knew nothing about religion, politics, philosophy or psychology. I did know some basic science. However that should be taken with a grain of salt. I was an unusually bright kid for my age. The toughest part for me is breaking down my writing. I am prone to long posts and long paragraphs. I have a thourough writing style. If I go on and on on one very specific thing, it is hard to break down. One thing that is nice is to forget what people learned in school. I was terrible in English class when I was at school. My essays were not good enough to get good grades. It is one of those subjects where my grade was mediocre but passing. It is refreshing that I don't have to worry about writing like a formal essay.

  2. You have so much information that you've provided here. Thats really awesome and helpful. I love it, but you speak reaalllly fast sometimes! Its really hard to keep up and understand what you are saying, especially when I dont really know what your talking about sometimes, like SEO strategy etc for instance. All up though, really interesting and engaging vlog. Thank you!! 🙂

  3. oh my goodness…
    i apologize but I truly felt way over my head after around 7 min when you begin to instruct the
    "HOW TO' s" I felt my anxiety rise, my breathing became short and choppy and my mind frantically motioning to keep up with your wisdom, yet i will have to admit once your tone began to speed up and instructions ran tightly into one another, i was lost…. I do not know if you might have any given free moment to maybe reiterate for me the steps you given; once onto wordpress and touching the most important highlights i would need to take ? i'd really appreciate it. thanks

  4. I really have to go listen to someone else now the words are haunting me so bad that I can't hear myself think. No joke. Bad enough she's talking super fast. How do you blog like you're talking to a fourth grader and talk like you're a stenographer operator! That's not cool yo.

  5. Thanks Cathrin! Seeing you blow up on Youtube is honestly super motivating! Super proud of you for how far you've come, and thank you so much for constantly sharing so much valuable information. When I first started my blog jamelaonthego.com, I watched a lot of your videos about Pinterest marketing, and they've definitely helped a lot with my blogging journey.

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