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Is more content better? SEO Mythbusting

In the sixth episode of SEO Mythbusting season 2, Martin Splitt (Developer Advocate, Google) and Lily Ray (SEO Director, Path Interactive) discuss if more content is always a good thing for SEO or not.

Specific timestamped topics discussed:
Updating the same type of content each year vs creating new one (00:00)
Introduction to the episode (1:07)
How much content should I have and to what extent does this help my performance? (1:52)
Does having a blog / producing new content help my performance on Google? (03:02)
Updating older pieces of content (04:00)
Is there any way that Google tells us if there’s ‘too much content’ or maybe that content is underperforming? (04:40)
Underperforming content and the overall trustworthiness or authority (05:36)
Grouping and consolidation of one’s content (06:19)
Is word count a ranking factor? (08:07)
Specific keywords and word count (8:39)
Auto-generated content & canonicalization (9:32)
How does Google determine duplicate content? (11:35)

Documentation mentioned in this episode:
Quality evaluator guidelines → https://goo.gle/2RclxGG

Watch more SEO Mythbusting episodes → https://goo.gle/SEO-Mythbusting
Subscribe to the Webmasters Channel → https://goo.gle/Webmasters



  1. We would say that creating content will only add value to your site and SEO if it is useful for the user. Everything you produce should help to inform the user. So in response to the title of the show, more content will only be better if everything published is of value to the reader. As stated, there is no point in creating content just to update your blog every week if you are offering nothing new to the conversation.

  2. I feel bad for Lily, she wants to find answers for us, but pretty much what Martin from Google is saying is "all depends" "maybe" "it could be considered duplicate content or it could not" "it all depends" basically it depends on your website and Google's super-duper algorithm that will make that determination. 😉 Many variables are included. I guess it is good in the sense that we just have to focus on answering real questions and providing valuable information and not trying too hard to rank high by filling up our content with tricks & keywords. Ok. Can work with that. Thank you Lily for trying to get some real answers for us all. 😉

  3. Never thought I'd hear anyone from Google say that having a blog is not necessarily helpful. @3:00
    Given the fact that the most significant number of Google searches are being being routed to various blog posts, this has to be the most outrageous statement anyone from Google could possibly make.
    If more content isn't better then why make a video called "Is more content better? SEO Mythbusting
    "? (smh)
    Obviously, websites and YouTube Channels grow like crazy, when they create new and relevant content.
    Fire the Amish My Little Pony Fan, please. xD

  4. Wow, I actually disagree on the point of not writing for the sake of writing. In my own experience, updating my blogs often and frequently really helps SERP rankings. When I don't blog as frequently, I get less new visitors. It's just a fact. However, recently, or in the last couple of years, high quality of the new content has been more important than earlier. Still frequency matters.

  5. Having more content on a page does not matter what matter is how much subtopics of a topic are you covering on a single page and if that content try to answer all the queries by a concerned user.

  6. No-doubt a great piece of information provided in this video. But, I always read that Content is king and long-form content is always better than short-form since voice search is taking over so the percentage of getting visible on voice search queries, long-form content is perfect. But now in this video concept is a little different. John Muller words and these video series have contradicted I think so. My mind always gets double minded after watching these series.

  7. Regarding duplicate content, what about e-commerce websites that have shared product catalogs with the same descriptions and photos that appear on more than 100 websites selling the same products? I have always view that as duplicate content with no real benefit for those e-commerce websites being found in search results.


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