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MY NEW PLUGIN! *Its perfect*

Get Drip Now!

The First 200 people Will get

1. Free Easy Theory Midi Kit
2. Free Unreleased 808 Drum Kit
3. Enter to win Adam Audio TV7 Studio Monitors

Don’t Miss out!



  1. Hey I just purchased Drip fx, but I haven't received the email to download the plugin yet, I just received an email with bonus content for music theory, where is the email for the plugin I just paid for? please send me the email with the download!

  2. Hella haters on here yo. Daaaam. Can’t a mfka get some money? There’s plenty fo
    everyone! $47. Dude I spend more than that on cigarettes a week. That ain’t shit. Lmao. Cheap ass bums! 😂😂. Same people hatin are the same ones wish they could be livin on the other side. Smh.

  3. I bought it, but for a plugin that's supposed to be so quick and user friendly, it's a bit bizarre the delays move in milliseconds and don't sync to grid like most plugins for 1/4 note, 1/8th note etc. Am I missing something basic?

  4. Dude… when Skylar said “Mac” as the biggest hurdle… I felt that. Tried to drop a mobile game but I was working solo and just couldn’t balance everything. Fortunately, I was moved back to music… Thank you.

  5. I dropped out of the Berklee School of Music engineering program once I bought drip. I really didn't need it anymore. The Drip plugin has saved me hundreds of thousands of school debt. I can now mix with ease ever since I bought this plugin.

  6. Are there plans for any automation? Midi? Tempo sync?

    I bought it. I love it. I just set it up for a live performance and used it on my stereo master bus on live vocals and acoustic guitar. Easy peasy!

    In fact, it went so well, I have decided to store it with my setup, so I'll be using it again on that gig next week…

    Midi. Automation. Sync. If you can…

  7. Hey,
    so I purchased it today, and I only have the email with my payment confirmation but no email with the download link. Is there a time gap between the payment and the link? I did a search criteria for "drip", and still saw nothing.


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