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TOP 5 WEBSITES EVERY WEB DESIGNER SHOULD VISIT: Mind-blowing web design | March 2020

Watch Top 5 Webites for JULY 2020: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xbx4HJW-th0&t=226s

Top 5 crazy innovative websites every graphic designer should visit to learn graphic design. These are the best practices, and the best online graphic design websites and web design trends of March 2020

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Learn how to build custom websites in hours using Webflow:

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Thanks for watching the video TOP 5 WEBSITES EVERY WEB DESIGNER SHOULD VISIT: Mind-blowing web design | March 2020



  1. These kinds of web design videos are always the same. It’s like watching a fashion show with high fashion. Ohh yeah that’s flashy and pretty and hi-tech looking. Would I ever want to use it? No. Is it useable? For people who like video games without the game part. But ooooh sparkly!

  2. I really love the content, but there’s one big thing stopping me from watching every one of your videos. Your audio is, well, awful. I’m using studio headphones and all I can hear is brassy sound and lip/mouth noises. Please please get a different mic

  3. Hi, love the post! Do you have a contact for the designers in Amsterdam that designed the Plink website? Also if you have any idea what platform they used to implement the 3D technology that would be fantastic. Lastly, could such a website be built by Webflow? Justin – London

  4. Lots of cool stuff, but can you address the accessibility angle please? It would be great to see how they fair through a JAWS reader or when interpreted by people who colorblind, dyslexic, neurodivergent, etc. The "sugar" seems to have pushed UX so far in the direction of "can" that nobody bothers to ask the "should" questions anymore.

  5. Websites bilden häufig den Erstkontakt. Deshalb ist es ein Muss, Besucher so zu be­geist­ern, dass ihr Interesse gesteigert wird. Nicht nur auf dem Desktop, sondern auch auf dem Handy. Technik und Design genial mit­ein­ander vereinen. Vielen Dank für dieses Video. Gibt es eine Altersgrenze für einen Webentwickler in Deutschland? Wir sind das beste Günstige Webdesign in Deutschland. https://frasche.de

  6. This video was so fun to watch. Really amazed by the great thunberg website. Developers really pulled off awesome creativity in that. It sucks that developers who do such groundbreaking work are never known and a teenager reading scripts from a page is nominated noble peace. Not that she's not doing a good job but she's getting 1000x more recognition for doing nothing and to think of it she has such a bombass website to her name.

  7. all the designs were cool. thanks for a useful and inspiring presentation. It would be useful to tell us how we can use this in our apps….especially useful would be telling us how they behave on androids or apple regarding lag and jittering. If i'm using a no-code drag and drop app builder, to which of these can I avail myself? what problems might I likely encounter. thanks

  8. in my point of view these all effects slow down the website…… looking good and creative but there is no use to implement on our websites….. anyway thanks for this creative designs


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