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  1. This is so spot-on! I looked at job postings by freelance "web-developers" on fiverr today, and literally they ALL offer to "create" a Wix and a Squarespace website for you! And for a price of up to a hundred dollars too! Can't believe this is happening! (And even less that anyone would actually pay this money for that kind if "service") It is quite literaly like buying a fully-cooked meal for five dollars and then paying someone a hundred dollars just to warm it up for you in a microwave!

  2. There's a lot of snobbery amongst 'real' developers about WordPress. The fact is – WordPress meets a huge demand for businesses. It's affordable and it works. And there's A LOT of customisation that can be done with child themes and lots of plugin knowledge. Throw some CSS knowledge into the mix and you can do some serious damage as a drag and drop developer.

  3. What I understand about this ''critic'' is, I am a chef, I don't like people buying in fast food because they are literally robbing me, they should come to me and I will make them the same burger from scratch. Not a good video.

  4. I've been using WordPress for 5 years and it's the most powerful CMS that can be customized to build anything you need. I think Joshua doesn't know WordPress well and never built a theme from scratch lol. I love WordPress because it saves and helps to develop website faster. All those php frameworks don't have a backend like WordPress which makes everything easy to manage. No wonder there are 75 million websites worldwide.

  5. The reason I love wordpress is that it is opensource and the level of how much you can modify things is very high, everything is customizable. So basically it gives you boilerplate and solves hardest backend tasks but it is modified just according to your needs and wishes.

  6. first of all, THAT is not the way a developer would use wordpress… I build fully custom themes and plugins for clients. First to do after getting a domain on a proper host: a clean wordpress install through ftp, and delete all the default themes AND plugins, en through ftp, start uploading the custom theme and plugins which are typed character by character so it fits the client 100%. Why wordpress? because some clients want to have the opportunity to add news posts of change page content, or add photos to a gallery or add products to their webstore. That is what a CMS is for. Many so called developers build website only THEY can change so they have a grip on their clients, to charge them way too much for every single tiny change. that's not correct, but a dirty business.

  7. I think developers who consider wordpress developers as anything other than developers of a different niche and/or language is simply developers who either know only one framework or dont know the full power of wordpress and its api's at all. A simple example is that you can develop themes with other languages than PHP. You can develop themes using JS, Python, etc, by simply using the WP Rest API.

  8. I am learning html, and I have already purchased a domain name. I really wanna learn html, css and php to start getting into the coding of my own website but I am not so innocent to think i will learn those three in a short time and I could really use the website as of right now. Would you recommend pulling the ¨developer¨ card and getting themes online so I can start with my website right now and as time goes by, add some self made code until that is the standard for me?

    And also, if I may… How dangerous is it to continue my website without trademarking or wordmarking the name of my domain name? Because that process is expensive and takes a lot of time and it isn´t even guaranteed, considering that my website is still on diapers and it won´t be an ecommerce but a contect creation an opinion blog?

  9. The pain of watching you add css in the Admin UI is unreal. If you’re going to customize a theme it needs to be a drag and drop — which then you’re probably never going to be able to port it over to another theme or platform in the future — or a child theme. I’ve also straight up taken chunks of code out of WordPress default themes just to make roll out faster at times — not child themes, but utilize their already written functions.

  10. Bro, I've been using WordPress for 7+ years. You can customize everything in WP. By setting up your child theme you can implement your customization into any WP theme, you can even change the PHP files and make your own custom fields in the database. So it's not really true what you are saying in this video about the limited options for customization. Just because you don't know how to do it, doesn't mean it's not possible. Next time dedicate more time to studying the topic you are going to talk about. Because by releasing this kind of superficial crap, you will be losing fans.

  11. No one wants to spend £5000 for a bespoke site anymore, I've built a business and income because of WordPress, offering plugin customisation, theme customisation, managed hosting, consultancy and security. Can do drag and drops or full custom themes on Shopify and WordPress

  12. So far WP has been perfect for me, I've been able to create a custom theme and have full customisation of all pages, php and css elements. WP CMS is a nice add-on which means we don't need to implement one.

  13. For those saying that you dont need to be a web developer because cms does the job. Sure cms does the job for some aspects. But the road blocks you get when get the slightest custom need for your business are crazy. I stopped building on wordpress. Learned programming and now my clients are the ones that used wordpress and it didnt provide their needs. Now i build all sorts of custom web apps. However if i get a client that has basic needs i tell them to go build a wordpress.

  14. I'm a WordPress developer… Yes, an actual developer I build themes and plugins from scratch. I also fix what these other "WordPress Developers" break or screw up by installing millions of plugins and not really knowing what they are doing.


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