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Harvey Guillén on the Moment What We Do in the Shadows Fans Have Been Waiting For

Harvey Guillen on the Moment What We Do in the Shadows Have Been Waiting For
Spoilers are here for Season 4, Episode 7 (“Pine Barrens”) of”What We Do in the Shadows”What We Do in the Shadows.”

Season 4 of the show What We Do in the Shadows has been an uplifting journey.

The only human being in a vampire-filled house and Van Helsing, Guillermo The most recent horror-comedy series, “Pine Barrens,” is a significant turning point with an eagerly-awaited release.

The human-like familiar has for a long time wanted to become a vampire, a gift from the superior Nandor (Kayvan Novak) as well as his roommates Laszlo (Matt Berry) and Nadja (Natasia Demetriou). Over the last several seasons, the character has come to terms with his sexuality through the slow-burning tale of acceptance of himself. “Pine Barrens” will see Guillermo invite his family to visit his vampire-found family’s home in a coming-out that is far from the norm. Paste talked to Harvey Guillen, the actor. He brings Guillermo’s tale to life through vivid detail regarding his character’s distinctive come-out scene, his journey to self-acceptance that is queer, and the positive depiction of a Mexican-American family.

Vilayatimall : What’s the time frame that Guillermo’s coming-out movie has been in the planning stages?

Harvey Guillen: We asked this question at the beginning of the year and, evidently, in their relationship with Guillermo and Nandor of “wait, does he? Doesn’t he?” Even when people ask him about it, Guillermo is known to say that he does not kiss and tell. The move of [Guillermo] from London to spend a whole year in the company of Nadja gave him a new perspective, and he returns more confident and sure of who he is. A significant part of his journey to understanding his identity had the freedom to live in a different country, with other people, and in a different atmosphere. Some people don’t have the luxury. It can be challenging when you’re in a small city, with a religious family, or a diverse background; it can be not easy to fully be your authentic self because you’ve created this image and the notion of who you want to be and who they perceive you to be. You aren’t going to be a disappointment to them or feel hesitant to express your true self. I’m pleased I can say that Guillermo is finally confident and content.

Vilayatimall What was your initial impression after reading Guillermo’s debut scene from the script?

Guillen Guillen having a mirror reflect the idea of remembering my personal experience of coming out, being gay, and how, when the moment is right, it’s perfect. The way the story was written was stunning. It’s as if you’re in two worlds. In the world of acceptance, vampires have proven that they don’t care about whether you’re gay or not because there’s nothing more fulfilling than enjoying eating, feasting, fucking, and all the other things vampires are known to do. On the other hand, we have his family members, who are a bunch of vampire hunters and are in love with their family’s Mexican tradition. The fear is that his biological family will not accept him. That was truly heartbreaking and harrowing to me reading the script.

The entire scene was played in various ways. However, the first time we performed it, we were very emotional. I can’t believe we could have used the footage since I cried. The character, who is my mom began to cry, and everyone else began to cry. They hugged me, and it was a wonderful hug. We’ve got the edited version because they were making a comedic film then, so they wanted to keep the film light but still provide a compelling argument. I’m convinced that it was well made.

Paste: I found it fascinating that Guillermo’s relatives had more of a reaction declaring that he would like to turn into a vampire when he says that he’s gay. I’m assuming that the optimistic portrayal of a Mexican family was a key element to be seen in the movie for you?

Guillen, Is it true? As a person of Mexican origin, I was raised with lots of machismo and negative connotations associated with being gay in the community and the culture. I wanted to prove the possibility that this can be done and that not every family has to turn away from their child. This was more of a positive and aspirational tale for viewers. It’s an excellent method to get your message through humor since you’ve let go of your inhibitions and are more open and open. So when you’re searching for the next funny moment, you can see this scene in this Mexican family who are affectionate and caring and could turn into an aspirational.

Paste: We’ve seen you on Guillermo for the past three and a half years, and we’ve seen a slow building up to the moment you’re coming out. An announcement is, however, not essential for Guillermo and vampires.

Guillen: Absolutely. It was made evident, as difficult and painful as it has been for them to show any interest because they are self-centered and selfish and do not care about whether you like girls or boys. Why is it that Guillermo comes home from London and keeps his secret? He’s keeping his romantic life secret since he doesn’t want to let himself be the center of attention. In addition, he’s currently in the process of helping his best friend with planning a wedding. Guillermo isn’t the type of person to steal the spotlight from anyone. Guillermo has not shared his relationship or love story with anyone. Could this change shortly? We’re still waiting to know. The only thing he’s worried about is his family members knowing, and after the final episode, the truth is out.

Vilayatimall: It’s interesting to note that Guillermo is adamant about becoming an actual vampire, but his “coming out” moment makes him more at ease within the vampire world than ever.

Guillen Henriques: Yeah, I’m feeling like he’s got numerous layers to his at this point. It’s the formula for a good character: the notion that he’s still human, but he desires to become a vampire, but has blood from Van Helsing flowing through his veins, and is gay. He decided to become a vampire to understand the experience of being a hot babe and to be attractive and desirable as well as to eat. He believed the best way to achieve this was to be a vampire. However, he now realizes there are many ways to be all these things without getting turned. If he’s changed, that’s a new dimension that could be added that can create something that we’ve never before seen.

Vilayatimall: There’s an episode in Season 3 of the show, the episode about casinos in which a lot of the fans speculated that Guillermo tried to make a come-out, but was cut off. Would you say that this was an attempt to have the moment of his coming out?

Guillen: I do. You can’t forget that it’s an comedy. In the scene] Guillermonotices that he’s getting all of their attention for the first ever in 13 years. They’re all attracted, leaning into and this is the moment they’re looking at. He was about to speak that, but Sean appears. As usual with our show, we break it with the most hilarious part. We then see the face of the actor and I think the viewers’ speculation was correct.

I believe that’s the best thing about our show. It took the show four seasons, which is almost five years, to inform the viewers that Guillermo appears because it’s nice to watch such a slow-burning. I am proud to play Guillermo with enough of him into every season to make it coherent and linear with his journey. It’s essential for me to make that happen since we’re creating a comedy and his character is a human story.
Paste In the event that you’re willing to give your experience, tell us about your first time coming out.

Guillen for a long time there’s been whispers and the people who ask you to do something that’s not your concern. The old Spanish saying that means “what you see, don’t bother asking.” My life has always been my authentic self and it either bothers people or puts them in danger. My first public appearance is… My mom knew I was gay as a child. I remember going to Mexico at the age of six and playing with my neighbors’ kids. They would say: “we’re not playing with you because my brother tells me that you’re mariposa (translates to butterfly).” I did not know what the negative connotation meant. However, it could be meant to mean that you were gay. While I was running back, they began with rocks and hurling them at me. One of the rocks struck my eyebrow and it burst with blood. I have the scar in my right eyebrow. My mom was aware of that the connotations of negative meant when she wiped the blood from my eyebrow, she told me: “Who cares that they call you butterflies because butterflies are gorgeous.” I realized that I was different when I was six , and I was not officially out until I was in high school, when my mom knew from the beginning. To keep her mind at ease since she was unsure of how to handle family outings or inquire about the matter when she asked “oh the girl you know Adriana is beautiful and does she have any boyfriends.” It was not known to mom that, Adriana was a lesbian.

Paste How do you feel this particular moment for Guillermo will impact the following seasons?

Guillen The ‘I’m so glad for him. Such a burden has been lifted off his shoulders that now, without fear that he will live the life he wants to. He’s spent so much of his happiness in the desire to become someone different and wanting to be someone different. I believe that he’s able to look in the mirror, get a smile on his face polishing his glasses and put a spring on his feet. That’s a massive achievement because some people may never find the same enthusiasm in their steps.

This is the only episode that I’ve kept the secret from everyone. Knowing it was coming was something like a party to celebrate the end of the year for Guillermo. I hope this will resonate with those who watch the show. They might be facing a dilemma about their family members or for themselves that might not have considered the possibility. I wish you the best of luck opening your mind and soul to all the joy around you. You’re only denying love for yourself if your heart isn’t open to it.

The interview was edited to improve clarity and length.

Emily Maskell is a freelance writer for entertainment and culture from the UK. You can follow her wit on Twitter @EmMaskell

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